Blades, Beasts & Beer

Fire in the Sky

Season 1 – Episode 1: Fire in the Sky

Our party finds themselves aboard Lyrandar Air Flight 111 from Northern Khorvaire to Sharn. Each travelling to Sharn for a variety of reasons, they look around to find themselves not alone. Humans, elves, goblins, men with snakes for heads and mysterious lionesque humanoids alike find themselves in the comfort of Lyrandar’s plush luxurious cabins.

Despite excellent efforts, Rokku finds himself unable to seduce one of the stewardesses leading him to shake off his frustrations and get into some trouble on the top deck. Simultaneously, Kivili makes the acquaintance of the ship’s captain and is given a “Lyrandar” wings pin while Drudkh reintroduces himself to the gunslinger “Lucky” Murrow.

After spotting an exceedingly shifty (and awkward) character entranced with the ships elemental, a confession spell goes awry giving the shady fellow cardiac arrest when his intentions are proven to be dishonourable. To prove Rokku isn’t equally shifty, Rokku heals the mysterious saboteur while Kivili jumps to the Captain’s defense. Before any further interrogation can occur, Drudkh run up top to alert the captain that there is a ship en route to collide with Flight 111 and that the opposing ship is decked out with what can only be described as siege gear.

“Lucky” attempts to keep all of the other passengers safe with a fellow cleric below deck and then runs topside to stand with the adventurers for the supposed boarding party from the opposing ship. Despite efforts to outrun, surrender and then subdue the pirates, Flight 111 is struck head-on and the elemental keeping the airship afloat becomes unbound, plunging Flight 111 into a freefall.

While Kivili teleports to safety hundreds of feet below while Drudkh takes to the skies himself with a feather fall, Rokku resigns himself to the inevitable crash and braces for impact; meanwhile, thinking quickly “Lucky” attempts to respark the elemental with a deft shot and large charge of black powder. The quick flare up slows the descent, however the ship still hits the ground hard and fast.

Lucky and Rokku come to with two bandits poking through the rubble and corpses of the crash and dispatch both quickly as an angry Rokku sets them both aflame and Lucky splatters one’s brains all over the rubbage. By the time the brains have been splattered, Kivili and Drudkh find themselves caught up in the fray. After giving chase to the fleeing remaining bandit, he spots the reinforcements; a dozen bandits being lead by a highwayman – or in this case a highwo-man? Highwaygirl? Female Highwayperson.

Despite the bandit’s best efforts, the party finds themselves making short work of the bakers dozen. “Lucky” dispatches several bandits with his bullets flying around the battlefield while Rokku lets his fury fly setting countless bandits on fire. Amidst the battle, Kivili manages to slice through a bandit pulling out his spleen on his katana and Drudkh’s hair becomes what appears to be nearly sentient, strangling the closest foe and causing his eyes to burst! Needless to say their Highwayman leader surrenders and gives up her cart and goods becoming the parties first prisoner.

Before the party takes off from the crashed flight, now stranded somewhere in south-western Khorvaire, they find Captain Seanvin Whitelake on death’s door. The Captain entrusts the party with a delivery to Sharn with a mysterious impenetrable box with a House Lyrandar symbol before Kivili helps the captain pass on.

As the party ventures forth along the southern Khorvaire coast they come across what they think is a Lyrandar ship sailing the seas…. And then the pirate flag is hoisted.



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