Blades, Beasts & Beer

How many Warforged does it take to change a lightbulb?

Season 1 – Episode 2: How many Warforged does it take to change a lightbulb?

Not before long, the ship sends it’s envoy out to converse with our party. Tensions flair as the party and boaters try to navigate each others loyalties. Friend or foe? Foe or friend? After threats and negotiations, it turns out the “pirates” are actually a mercantile escort ship under the guidance of Captain Benidar Lyrandar and his Darfellan First Mate A’Killimar. With the recent surge in attacks on Lyrandar (and other) fleets, precaution was taken in case the party turned out to be bandits – a naked hostage tied up in the back of their cart didn’t exactly seem too innocent.

Aboard the ship the adventurers listened to rumours of possible in fighting amongst the House Lyrandar while Rokku challenged the extremely impersonal A’Killimar to a duel. Having been bested before his peers, A’Kilimar submitted to Rokku and presented Rokku with a token necklace, showing Rokku to be a friend to the endangered Darfellan race.

Upon ariving in Sharn, Capt. Benidar presented Lucky and Kivila to Calidan Lyrandar, one of the heads of House Lyrandar within Sharn. Kivila sold the mysterious Lyrandar box back to Calidan at which point it was opened and a previously captured Warforged “final message” flew out. Upon destruction of the Warforged final message, it was revealed that the Warforged had attacked a Lyrandar shipyard. Despite numerous casualties on both sides of the battle, the Warforged acquired an airship and it was currently en route to X’endrik. With the parties thanks, Calidan said he would arrange a meeting between the party and members of the King’s Council to discuss all that they had been through.

The party agreed to meet up at the Wailing Donkey to discuss their next plan or whether they should part way. Plans didn’t turn out though as they stumbled upon the murder of “Luther,” one of the king’s Dark Lanterns. The party had just enough time to recover Luther’s signet ring and ‘encrypted’ journal before being attacked by Luther’s killer, a Warforged assassin, operating under the “Lord of Blades.” After dispatching the assassin, the city watch was called and the party sought refuge at the Dangling Pickle – an after hours, all male brothel.

Hoping the heat had died down, the party headed to reconvene with Calidan Lyrandar and the King’s Council. Word about the previous night’s murder had already reached the council. Though the party came clean about their involvement, they withheld the information regarding Luther’s journal. Afterwards they were asked to investigate recent reports of a cult gathering under the Lord of Blades name under the Dorashan Tower.

The party ventured deep into the sewers of Dorashan Tower where they were ambushed by a devious cloaker. After taking serious damage, it was only after the party was able to pin it through the mouth that they could tie it up, allowing Kivili to deliver the coup de grace on the beast. Unfortunately in the interim, the cloaker’s screeches interrupted the Warforged ‘ceremony’ and the fray was joined by two Warforged and their leader: Sabre. As the battle drew to a close and Sabre’s minions were dispatched, Sabre attempted to go out in a blaze of glory. Invoking the wrath of the Lord of Blades against the fleshlings, Sabre revealed a device strapped to his chest and attempted to blow himself up along with the rest of the party. Quick thinking from the party allowed them to disconnect Sabre from a larger mysterious device near the back of the sewer, giving Lucky an opening to blow a hole straight through Sabre’s head.

As the party ran behind cover, the whole building rattled as the room exploded with fire and dust!!



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